Is Carry on Luggage Wheel The Best Part Of Traveling Abroad?

How worried have you been to receive your bag from the airport terminal belt every time you have traveled abroad? It almost, gives a heart attack to see if your bag is handled properly. Most cases have reported dented bags, wear and tear of the bags with scratches too during manhandling. You can simply not tolerate someone mishandling your bag isn’t it?

Under such circumstances what would you do? Certainly, you are in no mood to fight with the airport authorities every time you plan a journey. The best solution here would be to choose the right luggage that can bear minor tragedies but stay stronger and healthier with you throughout.

What kind of carry on luggage wheel is best for traveling abroad?

Rolling suitcases:

These are those types of traditional suitcases where wheels are attached for easy transport. Majorly, such suitcases come in two types; polypropylene or poly carbonate. The bags are also made of fabrics such as, microfiber, nylon, PVC, leather, and more.


Backpacks have picked a great demand since last many years. Not just trekkers, even families with kids make use of it during their journey. Good branded backpacks also come with wheels attached. These have padded straps to give extra comfort while you carry them on your shoulders.

Duffel Bags:

If you are traveling abroad alone, some people prefer to carry duffel bags inside the aircraft and keep their essential stuff inside. A small trendy duffel bag easily fits in overhead compartment. You can stuff your travel essentials and important documents inside this bag.

Flexible bags:

Some people choose soft luggage bags to enjoy flexibility. More stuff can easily slide or squeeze in in these bags rather those sturdy and hard ones.

Hard bags:

Hard bags are made up of tough materials to give extra durability and strength. Your fragile items are safe in hard luggage bags than soft luggage bags. Most families prefer larger hard bags that can carry more stuff of their kids while traveling abroad. Hard bags also keep the clothes intact without causing any wrinkles to the clothes.

Two-wheeled luggage:

Still confused about which one to go for? You must go for a two wheeled luggage. It acts like a roller board and rolls forward or backward as you travel along with you.  A few good collection is available on Amazon in case you would wish to take a look.

Spinner suitcase:

Spinner suitcase as the name depicts, have wheels that help you rotate your bag 360 degrees. You can take the bag in any direction you move. Such bags give you more mobility in terms of travel. Take a look at few trendy designs on the e-commerce sites and check for any offers available.

In addition to the above, do check the brand you are buying, its length, durability, size, and, weight it can carry. The choice of bag selection must depend on the mode of your travel and the number of days of your journey. We would love to hear from you what you purchased. Do leave your feedback and comments.